Comet coming

Just in case you live somewhere where it is dark, or darkish, in the night sky, there is a comet visible now in the southern hemisphere and coming to visibility in the north in a few days. And – it is not at all near to us, so it won’t hit the earth. Look at From the earthsky page,: “Comet Panstarrs at Burns Beach in northern metropolitan area in Perth, Western Australia. Rocks off the coast with birds and a small fishing boat. One hour after sunset in early March. Photo by EarthSky Facebook friend Michael Goh. Thank you, Michael!”

Sometimes I get tired of being preoccupied with all sorts of rubbish, trivia, even important things, then get reminded that there is so much wonder in the universe for us to enjoy, just have to look.


4 thoughts on “Comet coming

  1. Yes, and I probably won’t get to see it. The city with all its lights is between me and the south western sky – working nights makes it impossible to see it during the week – & I’m not sure it will still be there come the weekend, when I believe we are having cloud…


    1. The sky always means a lot to me – more than the people creations of art, architecture etc, though more and more just about everything is of interest. Good to hear from you


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