Looking forward

My mum used to say “Don’t wish your life away”. I can’t remember now, but I expect that was when I, or my sisters, were not attending much to what we were supposed to be doing, and instead imagining bright and wonderful things were just around the corner. The future, better than just slogging through the present, ever hopeful “it will be all right on the night”.

Oops I am doing it again. It is less than three weeks until I return to Block Island and anticipation of being there in April, forever balmy springtime, is filling my mind.

Reality – what’s that?

We have just had a rather wet miserable cold March week here in Edinburgh. I feel I am fighting a cold, it is cold, I am learning to know my new lodgers – who are very nice indeed – so if I manage to be present I feel I am indeed slogging.

Don’t wish my life away. Here is OK.

But a little anticipation is very nice indeed,

daydreamers of the bloggy world, how are you all?

Block Island. April 2012

There are of course other kinds of anticipation and many are to be found in the responses here as this weekend “anticipation” was Sidey’s theme.


6 thoughts on “Looking forward

    1. I do agree – I think the future has to be a don’t know and trust in experience, but I am always tickled by how much my head has other ideas than the sensible rational ones


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