Local wonderful Edinburgh

Daily Prompt: Local Flavor

I don’t usually do the Daily Prompt from WordPress, but today I did a typically Edinburgh thing – went out to see what is on.

Science Festival has begun – in the Magnificent setting of the National Museum a troupe of dancers from Scotland and China based their piece on the study of mathematical patterns. Whatever, quite beautiful. And very typical of Edinburgh’s free offerings, nearly always there is something something unexpected.

Janis Claxton Dance: Chaos and Contingency
Janis Claxton Dance: Chaos and Contingency

Afterwards I went to a lecture on brains and scanning – quite different and also absorbing. [Thanks consultant neurologist Rustam Al-Shahi Salman and the Medical Research Council.]



8 thoughts on “Local wonderful Edinburgh

  1. At last I have found your blog, Elspeth.! I have been doing a small op and am now exploring what has happened to everybody.
    Scotland is such a fine place, I do hope they remain with us – the riches they contribute to the UK is incalculable.


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