Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Weekly photo Challenge: Culture I couldn’t not do this challenge – though one thing which interests me is that when we picture culture it is usually one which is obviously different from our own, as if it is not possible to see the one we happen to be in. I left Northern Ireland aged about … More Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Wildlife and nature

This little guy (girl?) was on baby beach this morning. He seemed OK, maybe just resting but we phoned the sea-mammal folk just in case he needed attention. [Seals are often seen at the North Point, and below Spring Street, but this is the first time I have seen one here.] Yesterday, very early morning … More Wildlife and nature

Two days

Photos from two beautiful days: Sunday morning, walk on crescent beach, from the pavilion to beyond scotch, the tides have done another sedimentation re-model and all the rocks are helpfully piled below what is left of the dunes, while the sand stretches golden all along the crescent Sunday afternoon, good old bicycle sheared off a … More Two days

The World’s End

Trust Sidey to get me off the beach and thinking about something else. Her theme this week is The End of the World, arriving at it from a series of depressing, even despairing, pieces of information which have landed in her world/our world. It seems to me that one of things we keep having to … More The World’s End

Here and there

I am going to bore you all, especially with beach photos, but I hope you will continue to watch this space. To cross the ocean and have been walking alongside it on both sides in the space of a week, I am not good enough with words at the moment to convey the feeling, maybe … More Here and there

Originally posted on Poetry of Moods and Moments:
From many other parts of my writing, it is clear that I am putting in a lot of love-miles, as my grandchildren live on opposite sides of the world. Going to is pretty full of joy and anticipation, but there is an equal amount of leaving. This…