Here and there

I am going to bore you all, especially with beach photos, but I hope you will continue to watch this space. To cross the ocean and have been walking alongside it on both sides in the space of a week, I am not good enough with words at the moment to convey the feeling, maybe some of the pictures can do it. And, how do I express my gratitude for the “goodbyes” and the “welcome homes”? I am still a bit jet-lagged, but I also want to give thanks to all you warm hearts. Click for bigger pictures.

What a difference in the skies, but not too much difference in the sand.


10 thoughts on “Here and there

        1. That is what I feel – apprehensive because its virtual and all the lovely body language is not there to dance with – it is my post and my people I write for so I have to try to put the interaction into words – not too successfully as words can only do part of it


          1. But words and pictures are very powerful and you could add music and your voice as well ! I have not figured that out yet but I want to : )


    1. I was usually in Fanad in the Donegal days – I remember freezing but love the beaches whatever it is like. You would like it here, sand and rocks and shapes shifting in the wind the same the world over > > New comment on your post “Here and there” > Author : speccy (IP: , > E-mail : > URL : > Whois :


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