Two days

Photos from two beautiful days:

Sunday morning, walk on crescent beach, from the pavilion to beyond scotch, the tides have done another sedimentation re-model and all the rocks are helpfully piled below what is left of the dunes, while the sand stretches golden all along the crescent

Sunday afternoon, good old bicycle sheared off a bolt on its saddle, then new (to me) abandoned saddle and post found in the junk under the garage, wonderful ride to Fresh Pond, where Callum, six kids, two dogs and a boat, were doing whatever they found to do, just as we returned to the van were joined by another family and a third dog – Tuohy is abrother to the Finn and Sullivan.

Monday – took Finn out for a walk on the beach below Spring Street. No-one around but the gulls and a very unfazed heron.

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11 thoughts on “Two days

  1. Oh, what a lovely beach, Elspeth. Just like the beach near my son’s cottage on Kintyre -(Macrihanish). I love the dogs. Not breeds I instantly recognise, but such a lovely golden colour.
    Thank you for sharing your holiday.


    1. The dogs are golden retrievers – there were six in a litter last summer and all except one are “island dogs”. This is my other home, a place of acceptance into a small community. I hope your son and his cottage survived the dreadful March winter they just had.


    1. You do so much I can’t believe you have not found the slideshow option – in the list of gallery types when you “add media” and “create gallery”. Here reminds me of Donegal and Portrush etc – with better weather!

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    1. My son, the interactive Dad in the photos, grew up in London, but we had lots of holidays on the north coast of Ireland with this sort of ‘do what you find out there’. I am not too surprised he has chosen here for his adult life and offers space to whatever kids come by. I wish it could be offered to all. > > New comment on your post “Two days” > Author : Hudson Howl (IP: , > E-mail : > URL : > Whois :


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