Wildlife and nature

This little guy (girl?) was on baby beach this morning. He seemed OK, maybe just resting but we phoned the sea-mammal folk just in case he needed attention. [Seals are often seen at the North Point, and below Spring Street, but this is the first time I have seen one here.]


Yesterday, very early morning on the way to singing group, I stopped to watch the egret on the pond.

On the pond beside Negus Park
On the pond beside Negus Park

The beach yesterday had lots and lots of ladybirds (ladybugs in US speak), today dead ones. We suppose they hatched in the warm Monday/Tuesday and then got blown away on Wednesday when the wind got up. Wildlife of all kinds everywhere one looks. I am still amazed at the utterly glorious sand which has been returned to the whole of Crescent beach with nearly all the rocks except the big ones neatly piled above the tideline.



7 thoughts on “Wildlife and nature

  1. Elspeth, I love the baby seal. Such a privilege to find such things.
    I feel like I do when spotting deer here in UK.
    I hope the wildlife folk make sure the little one is OK.
    These pics get to my heart!
    Thank you.


    1. The island life is indeed wonderful. I love seeing the deer here too, though unfortunately they have become so plentiful and are so linked to Lyme and other disease that they are no longer seen as anything but pest. I have seen several since I arrived. The wildlife folk have at least two people they call ‘responders’ who deal with calls so I am sure the little seal will be safely back in the water already.


    1. No no – do not be envious – I have shared your forest and the wonderful Macauley – let us all live vicariously in each others’ lovely spaces and places – wait for more from here, sharing it is irresistible

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