Block Island Poetry Project

For all who do not know about this wonderful event: This weekend is the tenth anniversary of the Block Island Poetry Project. I was here ten years ago, and Lisa Starr who invited guest poets and all of us who wanted to hear what was going on, has, unbeknown to herself, influenced the life I have led since. It turned out of course that she influenced lots of others too. This has been recorded to some extent in a wonderful Anthology (which is worth getting, as it includes poems and also teaching and prompts and some wonderful artwork, but it is not generally available yet as the launch is tomorrow!)

There have been many spin-offs from the project, like the BI singers and BI drummers, and the writers, and, and, so many friends and good conversations that I would weep if I was not feeling happy, as many of us have indeed wept and smiled or laughed and sung together over these ten years. Tonight I will join the singers and may get a chance to listen to the drummers.

However, more to follow I think, just now I am resting from sensory overload. And I took these photos this morning while Mark Bailey took a group of us to Mansion Beach and showed us how he does his ephemeral artwork, balancing rocks. Click for bigger pictures.


8 thoughts on “Block Island Poetry Project

  1. See’s your balancing BI stone(s) and rises the ante with (not my own photo, I have a few somewhere, but the times I’ve been there the dag gum thing is covered in thick fog).

    If you ever find yourself misplaced in Nova Scotia you can find this balancing column of basalt on the Bae Saint Marie side of Digby Neck. No hurry in getting there, it has been like this for a couple hundred thousand years to a million plus. So you could always take it in on the second go around.


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