Change and elusiveness

When Sidey suggested this week’s theme “that elusive photograph” I regret to say that my immediate thought was ‘the one of me that has never yet been taken – that is, one I like‘. So I wasn’t going to follow the theme (as I have had a very full weekend, see here), … and it can’t be all about me all the time can it?

and then the weekly photo challenge was Change and I wasn’t going to do that either.

But… then I thought, I can do both together! And it is ALL ABOUT ME.

Me, age 53
Me, age 53, I thought those glasses were fashionable
Me, age 3
Me, age 3, already with the worried frown
Yours truly and no.1 son. age 24
Yours truly and no.1 son. age 24
Fairly recent now nearly four years ago – the only time me, my three sons and their families have been in the same place at the same time. I hope we will find another time sometime.

Grandmother and the next generations



How did I get from this …. …. …. …. …. to this?

Me, age 3
Me, age 3
Photo on 15-04-2013 at 21.21
taken a few minutes ago by computer

17 thoughts on “Change and elusiveness

  1. I suppose these photographs are elusive in that they don’t answer the question ‘How did I get from this ……to this?’ or do they? A good question when one looks over the photos taken over the years. For myself, given my Scottish heritage, a wee dram of Sheep Dip doesn’t hurt ?


      1. There are, over the last gteneration the numbers and places have increased, and because of electronic communication they are no longer lost and alone as used to happen


    1. It was taken at a birthday reunion – the oldest and his chinese wife and twin boys live East, the middle one his american wife and three daughters to the West, and number three is still single and in Scotland, so they don’t get much chance to be together. I am off to visit your blog now, thanks for your interest in mine.


  2. I have one of you somewhere in the house, taken at school, between 1989-91 I think! Will have to dig it out! It is flattering I promise. 🙂 I read my old school reports the other day, a couple from you in U5. Oh my word, I would go nuts if my kids ever brought back a report that bad! However did you teachers put up with me?!


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