HAVE FUN or, Is being late bad manners?

Last week, Sidey’s theme was “Manners” and now it is this week already, hence the question in the title. In this case, I think/hope being late is not ‘bad manners’ , as we bloggy friends do not have to do the theme, there is no commitment about it, it is just “Have Fun”. In other areas of life, if there is commitment involved, or even an arrangement to meet, then being late could well be bad manners, lacking in respect, but not always. And being on time might not be respect – see poem below!

I think “manners” are context and culture dependent, while respect for others is something which transcends context and culture, so it is worth trying to be aware of whether or not the thing which might be bad manners is in fact being bad mannered, or lacking respect, or both, or neither.

Now, I am not in the mood for serious thoughts, I keep reminding myself that this blog is my Dairy, for me and any friends who like to visit it, so I now revert to Sidey’s main prompt… HAVE FUN…

Last Friday and Saturday: Friday was Rory’s birthday and she decorated her own cake, then on Saturday she was off-island, having elected to go glass-blowing with three of her friends, her Dad and surprise surprise, two more Dads of the friends. As soon as I heard about the expedition with Callum, Mike and Charlie in charge, I knew they were going to HAVE FUN. Apparently they did, but I have not seen any photos. However, as Wendy was working on Saturday, I took myself to the family home to be around if needed for Fiona, Ruby and the dog, Finn. Needed… HAHA … I was there just in time to join the fun expedition planned by Fiona. She had phoned her friend Julia, and Finn’s sister dog Sullivan’s owners, so Julia and her parents Pam and John, and Sullivan, Tracy and Mattias were collecting us for a day at the Clayhead. This is a wild area at the North end of the island, also known as the Maze, as getting lost on the tracks is quite a real possibility. It runs from the road through the maze  to clay bluffs and an often deserted beach – the very far end of the Crescent beach. Hopefully the photos show that:

WE HAD FUN … click photos for captions

And that thing about manners, and being late, I did once write a poem

On Time – Waiting

I wonder
Why I am always on time
Even a little early.
Hospitable to myself
I suppose
I consider others.
But more truthfully
In my heart
I appease
someone’s displeasure.

Hey – I am getting better – I no longer have to be on time!

13 thoughts on “HAVE FUN or, Is being late bad manners?

  1. Thing about manners – expressing concern for whether or not one is using good manners themselves, seems to me ‘proof’; said person is ‘thoughtful’. You seem thoughtful to me. Why, who showed up in case of being needed. You were needed -the more the merrier, we all need merrier shtufffs.

    Clayhead, my kind of place. Always a soft spot for clay have I. Guess that’s a pun. The greasier the better. I’ve dug clams in some nasty soft clay flats, the kind with rich in iron oxide. If you returned not covered in it and your pail not heavy, it really wasn’t that much fun.

    To some degree this post speaks to ‘Head In Sand’ -as those whom seem to be doing the living thing well, are those a sense of family and able to enjoy and have fun with the simple shtufffs -rolling in clay, balancing stones -those things which take edge off and softens us.


    1. To reply properly is another post that keeps nearly getting written – the thing about what ‘living well’ is about – acceptance of just what is probably, AND also the willingness to keep fighting or ranting or whatever it takes to say that some stuff might be better changed. I live in gratitude that my grand-daughters grow up here, in a community that helps and joins in with their living life well.


      1. Now that is interesting and I think, as a Canadian it is part of our makeup. It is the way I grew up. Living in it.

        And…….if there’s a smile, words are not needed?


    1. Oh – but I am not in NZ – I am in Block Island, USA now – my global grannyhood is a bit confusing to me too. This daffodil field was planted by a family who live here, for pleasure, and the entrance to their fields says “Private, Walkers Welcome”.


      1. Oh, I do feel foolish! Something in your writings made me think you were off to NZ!
        An old man’s error. Now I understand.
        Our daffs are gradually going now. They have been beautiful.
        Have a lovely time, Elspeth.


        1. Don’t feel foolish – I am a travelling granny because my family decided to be independent – I was writing about NZ a while ago (where my chinese duaghter-in-law Cindy/Xin Yan now lives) and I also write about China, Block Island, Edinburgh and I was brought up in Ireland. I don’t know how long I can keep it up, but it is fun trying to do so.

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  2. Fun indeed.
    I am on time for appointments. If the person it is with keeps me waiting without good excuse, I do NOT suffer in silence, be it a doctor or dentist or even a big buyer. Funnily enough, I cant think of a single time I have lost business by being forthright about it. I do get phone calls, thought, to warn me if any of the above are running late!


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