Weather, Climate Change, Sunshine

This week I saw a documentary: A Fierce Green Fire

“The Battle for the Living Planet, narrated by Robert Redford, Ashley Judd, Van Jones, Isabel Allende and Meryl Streep. It is the largest movement the world has ever seen, it may also be the most important – in terms of what’s at stake. Yet it’s not easy being green. Environmentalists have been reviled as much as revered, for being killjoys and Cassandras. Every battle begins as a lost cause and even the victories have to be fought for again and again. Still, environmentalism is one of the great social innovations of the twentieth century, and one of the keys to the twenty-first. It has arisen at a key juncture in history, when humans have come to rival nature as a power determining the fate of the earth.” [from IDMB]

The most striking part was probably the history, and the evidence from old footage (remember Greenpeace and its first fight with the whalers), which showed in a devastating way how early warnings (global warming, destruction of rainforests, loss of species, etc etc) were utterly ignored, and the whistle blowers were considered a variety of idiot, crank, troublemaker etc. depending a bit on how they tried to give their message. But, however they tried to give it, very very few wanted to listen.

Fifty years on, what they said is standard stuff. The planet is warming, the sea-level is rising, there is a hole in the ozone layer. We all dutifully put our garbage into sorted out piles and hope someone somewhere knows what to do with it.

What else did I do this week, apart from the usual walks and cycle rides?

Singing early on Wednesday, just after sunrise at the north end, readers just imagine the view over the sound, and the sound we make, because I don’t bring the phone to singing.

Visit to the Island Free Library – just books? Well, no, also watched their showing of Zero Dark Thirty (yuk…story of CIA operatives chasing Bin Laden) and chatting to toddlers fascinated by the chicks (photo below). And, visited “Goose and Garden” which Heather has re-opened to let us islanders mess around with soil and plants and flowers – replacing all those the deer have eaten – they had better not climb to my deck. I have enough trouble deciding whether to watch the birds or chase them off my seeded boxes.

So, what is it that we can do about climate change?

Enjoy the sunshine when it comes…

The world in which Zero Dark Thirty can be made, and the world where the toddler played with the chicks, is the same world. Learn to listen, and listen again, it will be desperately sad if humans die and suffer doing so, but I do not think it will be the end of the world. I do think maybe everyone needs to think politically and become activist as and where they can. See “A Fierce Green Fire” if you get the chance to do so. I don’t want us to die screaming as many in the Zero Dark Thirty world do.

Posted in response to Sidey’s theme “Sunshine”, particularly what she wrote about her friends and their rivalry re the weather they have been having. I also found an interesting post about acceptance and enjoyment on Living Self – worth a look.


10 thoughts on “Weather, Climate Change, Sunshine

  1. Along with climate change we are losing the bee population and if that goes all plants that are pollinated by bees will die out. Friuit, veg, corn, flowers. GONE
    All because of GN+M foods that kill insects (supposedly a good thing until you realise what it;’s doing to the helpful insects) and some of the pesticides in wide use.

    You may be interested in Cool It by Bjorn Lomburg; his team offers different solutions to the current ideas.


    1. I have been following the concern for bees – the problem seems to me to be part of corporate capitalism which makes decisions on the basis of monetary gain above all other considerations


  2. Maladministration by cities and countries – we have lost pristine beaches and now one of our best little river mouths is regarded as unusable – and then total greed and disregard by the consuming public. They are willing and eager to listen to any detractors. Look at the way Prince Charles’s green ideas were reviled in the press not that long ago.
    I wonder if they shouldn’t rename that: ‘The Battle for the Dying Planet’.
    At least deer, chicks and plants still happen!


    1. It is incredibly difficult to see what can be done on a sufficiently immediate need, and hindsight is always clearer isn’t it? The education is behind the need. We all have to stop thinking ‘growth’ which is a heirarchic concept anyway [bigger/better] and cut down, think ‘enough’. I manage quite well because I am poor relative to most of my acquaintances – some of them think I ride my bicycle for preference and do not realise that I simply cannot afford to run a car. If I won the lottery, Would I?

      > New comment on your post “Weather, Climate Change, Sunshine” > Author : colonialist (IP: , > E-mail : > URL : > Whois :


        1. Education for women controls population – all the evidence shows that people then defer having children and have fewer per couple. Human Rights people are not nuts – this is what they advocate among other things like fairness which also makes people opt for smaller families. China has enforced control – they are now facing problems of many more older people being cared for by few younger – the natural stretching out over years didn’t happen so much. Of course many parts of the world have this problem – too many old people not being productive.

          > New comment on your post “Weather, Climate Change, Sunshine” > Author : colonialist (IP: , > E-mail : > URL : > Whois :


          1. China’s problem will, of course, go away of itself. Tough on the existing elderly, but pragmatic.
            In most parts of Africa it would have to be enforced. Breeding a lot is part of the culture, and modern schooling doesn’t seem to have helped


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