David’s Party Reunion

Once upon a time – in the fifties – there were six little Crawfords.

back from left: David George and Mildred; front from left: Lorna, Roddy and Yvonne
back from left: David, George and Mildred; front from left: Lorna, Roddy and Yvonne

Then they grew up and scattered around the world. (One of them married me, then we divorced, but I stayed a Crawford and a sister in the family). There were various get-togethers such as their parents 50th wedding and their mother’s 100th birthday. After she died, they decided to go on gathering, why not celebrate the 70th birthdays, each choosing to go where one of the others lived? Mildred’s was held in Ireland, George’s in South Africa, Yvonne’s in Australia. David chose BLOCK ISLAND!!!!

We have been occupied for the last two weeks at his 70th birthday party reunion – 28 family members made it for the actual day last Sunday. Someone has taken decent photos I hope, I got to be tour guide and drive “the van” so I didn’t get many – here are a few.

We have had a good time, now everyone is on their way home and those of us who live here return to normal.


14 thoughts on “David’s Party Reunion

    1. Time and money always means that there is never a collection of all the descendants together (it is now four years since my own sons were in the same room and before that it had been more than 10 years). We are lucky the internet arrived for us all to engage pretty regularly, even if not always together


    1. Sometimes someone will say we get on well because we are scattered and the meet-ups don’t last too long – that’s the cynical view – in the idealist its because we are all very nice people. Funny thing about these birthdays though – I don’t feel any older


  1. I like ‘once upon a time’ stories and if picture involved, even more so. The setting a perfect place for such a event with visitors come from other places -perfect backdrop.

    ………and of course happy belated birthday shtufffs!!!! …..May is a perfect month


    1. I didn’t want to plan anything around my own birthday – once again this attitude seems to work out better in the end, at least for me. The week was for David and it was a good one. Thanks for you thought


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