This is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

I thought that in i-Photo and Photostream there are hundreds of photos which bounce around in some electronic ether waiting to be noticed or deleted – there must be something that applies, even though it was quite unintentional. In about two seconds, I found two, so hope you like them. Maybe I shouldn’t beat myself up about organizing them properly after all.

The first, from Block Island in April, was meant to be a photo of a balanced rock on another rock. I like the clouds in the sky, which I was not looking at when I took it.


The second was taken in Edinburgh last winter when the photo prompt was ‘choose something from your neighbourhood, and I took a picture of the stone wall directly outside the door that I walk past every time I go in or out. Then I didn’t post it at the time. A closer look at something so much ‘just background’ the stone is utterly beautiful, marked by lichen, light and shadow.


Great topic – There are so many things in the background of our daily living.

Thanks for the reminder.

29 thoughts on “Background

  1. An interesting prompt is ‘background’. As you mentioned, we all have endless details and happenings swirling about in our own daily backgrounds. Some important, others not so much, most seemly have no connection to the other, yet it is our ‘background’ which influences us -our moods, our happiness, our lows, our outward appearance, even our introspective thoughts. All the shtufffs in our background tells a story; seldom identified, more often then not untold, but a story none the less. The same holds true in photographs. There is the obvious visual backgrounds, such as the clouds behind your stone. Yet when I look at this photograph, it is the unknown background that is intriguing for me. What unknown elements came into play; the thoughts for taking any given photograph -probably says a lot about you. You said you hadn’t noticed the clouds initially when the photo was snatched. However, if you remove the visual poetics such as the clouds, the ocean surf, the blue sky contrasting the grey -one would be left with just an object. This picture and the picture of the stone wall point out that backgrounds are very much alive and have a overwhelming influence on how we see, interpret and ponder about shtufffs.


    1. It was a spin-off from the poetry project happenings – like balancing a pencil on its point – one concentrates carefully until the stone rests. Later, take it down as it is going to fall sometime anyway by wind or wave, and one doesn’t want it to fall on dog or child. It is surprisingly easy to do once you get the hang of it.


  2. I love your pictures, Elspeth. You illustrate so beautifully that sometimes the photograph can act as a memory. You can look back and reflect on something you never saw at the time.

    Lovely post. Thanks.


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