Wonderful world

Early morning, wide awake. Time clock haywire after traveling. Went out for a walk Watched the dawn come up. Can’t photograph the smells or the birdsongs. Nor even catch the light and shadows. I did try. I am missing Block Island and the ocean. I am loving the difference here. I said I would post … More Wonderful world

Vacation – desire

Today it is raining, and WordPress have suggested a prompt to occupy me – “Vacation” – where do I want to go? they call it “Tourist Trap“. Remember remember, when I was about ten, I wanted more than anything to go to Greece. This was before Greece became a popular tourist destination, and long before … More Vacation – desire

A Rabbit to Chase

Thanks again Sidey for the weekend theme, this week it is Down the rabbit hole … Now I didn’t do last week’s theme (handles) and I have missed quite a few and have not wanted to do the WordPress prompts or photo-challenges much either. Nor much else… When I read ‘down the rabbit hole’ I … More A Rabbit to Chase