A Rabbit to Chase

Thanks again Sidey for the weekend theme, this week it is Down the rabbit hole …

Now I didn’t do last week’s theme (handles) and I have missed quite a few and have not wanted to do the WordPress prompts or photo-challenges much either. Nor much else… When I read ‘down the rabbit hole’ I just thought ‘oh for heavens’ sake..’ ‘what about something inspirational ..’ ‘not in writing mood anyway..’ etc etc

So Sorry Sidey.

Of course it is not the prompt.

It is ME

A rabbit, down some personal rabbit hole.

I have been forgetting the cardinal rule of self-awareness – not for seeing and boosting my good self – to be self-aware is to remember that I am indeed in the world with all its wide- ranging nastiness and joyous beauty – not somewhere out/up/away taking a look at it. I have been trundling around not just feeling separate, but being separate. And all the consequent effects follow, been there, done that, not in the mood, too tired, etc. Telling myself that ‘creativity’ sometimes needs a fallow period, haha, re-energising is not the same thing at all.

Have you been there, done that?

I have not been writing poetry, nor going walking, nor (insert occupation of choice here) so very much except when prompted by others, like the Block Island Poetry Project, or the Crazy as a Coot bird group. From the outside, this won’t have been that obvious to my friends. I know my social stuff and it kicks in helpfully. I have taken myself off to singing on Wednesday mornings, I have taken some photos, I went to the BI piano students recital, and the School concert. I took some photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So now I am feeling self-aware.

Why now?

What’s made the difference?

What is in this particular rabbit hole?

What brought the realization into the foreground? [Now I can take note of the various bits of stuff… ]

Last question first: Bluemind have been on Block Island. Now, I never heard of them before Wednesday, and then I only heard because Lisa Starr knew them and they asked her to bring along some poetry to add to their fun and games explorations “interdisciplinary professionals working at the intersection of brain science and environmental conservation”. And she asked the Block Island singers to come, so we went to the Spring House on Wednesday evening and sang to them after they had had their dinner, and then we went again on Thursday morning and woke everyone up with a song circle on the utterly beautiful back porch looking out over the ocean, and the moon was still half-white up in a blue sky, and the day could not have started better. School concert at mid-day, then I went walking in the evening and heard the drummers were now at the Spring House, doing their thing. [That’s nearly all the singers except me as I never got the hang of drumming.] When I got there, Jen Lighty was dancing so of course I joined her and before long we had everyone who was not drumming, dancing.



and now I am back in touch with myself.

[I remember that I lost a special friend in April, not one who made much difference to my particular day to day life, but one who made a huge difference in the space she took in the world, and all of that is another story to stay in touch with, and all the other contents of the rabbit hole are in the feeling zone too.]

Gosh who would believe I used to do this for a living – work with emotional awareness – I miss that world too. I sometimes try to write up about it [here] but maybe the poetry and singing is better. And, the dancing.

Very short person in green shirt singing
Very short person in green shirt singing

5 thoughts on “A Rabbit to Chase

  1. From out of the chaos, from out of the clutter or just feeling around in the dark -one person’s rabbit hole is seldom like another. For me, if am quiet, it means am busy living, experiencing an breathing whatever wherever I might be. We need rests from our thinking, don’t we? Sometimes we just have to ‘dance’.


  2. Elspeth, I love that it’s the activity of almost not thinking- just get up and sing and dance your heart out- that has brought you back to yourself a bit.
    New motto: don’t think; just dance šŸ™‚


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