Please come to Ruby and Allison’s Party

3rd June Allison is 11

4th June Ruby is 11

Like last year – they decided to have a joint party and spent this week writing invitations: Please Come to Ruby and Allison’s Water Party at Fresh Pond, Sunday 1-3pm. I went early with Hershin (Allison’s Dad) to get stuff ready while Ruby’s Dad and Mum loaded more stuff – like the water bike, see photo, – and other things like kids and towels and sunscreen.

Click for bigger photos:

1.30pm – stopped taking photos, went in water.

3.00pm-  pizza, juice and cake, tables in water no problem.

3.30 pm – everyone still in water, Whitney says This is a really great kind of Party



Happy Birthdays Allison and Ruby.

Thankyou for having me at your party,

and see Sidey’s theme this week – Happiness!


6 thoughts on “Please come to Ruby and Allison’s Party

    1. I just love the way the grown-ups here look out for kids and let them be kids at the same time. Two other parents stayed on – looking out for the boat and the dogs – just because they enjoy doing it as much as my son and his wife do.

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