Should that be there?

Sidey, how do you do it – telepathy rules here – your theme this week is awesome (truly awesome, not wordpress’ use of the word each time someone does a ‘like’).

This week “Should that be there?” is exactly what I think every five minutes. I returned to Edinburgh a week ago, to my flat here beside the Meadows. My flat… sorry, my bedroom, in the flat which is shared with the lodgers, and it is their home… [How else do you think a retired teacher finances traipsing about all over the world??]

All is well… but every day I am getting that disconcerting experience:

Should that be there?

Pepper mill on the bits and bobs shelf over by the window
Pepper mill on the bits and bobs shelf over by the window

Where is the pepper mill?

Why is the clock behind the computer?

The chopsticks are in the knife drawer (seems quite sensible but it wasn’t where they used to be…)

etc. …

Never mind – here are some more photos from Edinburgh, Princes Street Gardens after the rain.




Everything, including my flat, seems so well looked after.

Thanks people, especially my lodgers, who are also having to adjust to me.


13 thoughts on “Should that be there?

  1. Elspeth, I’m always finding things in places where they weren’t left the last time I used them… however, it’s usually after hours of searching for them that I find them in the ‘wrong’ place!


  2. Oh I’m glad it’s not just me that finds things have moved. My Mum always used to say :”That mystery person’s been again.”
    As a kid I used to find it funny.
    Now I’m beginning to think she has a point.


        1. i have had lots of replies – some are clearly about ‘other’ people moving things, some are the mystery moves… the absent minded ones and the poltergeists…


  3. Oh Elspeth, you have awakened all my guilt. I have the small room of a semi house.
    All of my tools are up there and a radio station for amateur radio. I keep asking myself about all the cables lying around – Why do they call it “WIRELESS” ?


    1. Know what you mean, but didn’t the name come because the telegraph came first? Before radio waves, the telegraph needed wires? another good word is “battery” because the original 19th century ones were huge arrays of tanks with acid and metal plates which reminded their makers of gun batteries. What would they make of what is now a ‘battery’ say a tiny thing that goes into a hearing aid?


      1. A battery is a collection of individual cells each of which contributes to the voltage of the whole assembly. Yes, the original title of radio was wireless telegraphy, over wires. You are quite right. But looking at my own station it is so full of cables that the term “Wireless” makes me smile!



        1. It drives me crazy. I just gave myself a ‘little’ project to turn all the old VHS tapes I want to keep into digital …aagh.. I have an AV/DV camera which should do it, but not one of the cables in the box has the right sort of connectors … I have to get some more… I should have got a smart TV but I bet it would not have been truly wireless either!


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