Looking – and lighting

Last week, the photo challenge suggested “The World Through Your Eyes“. My world changes moment by moment, but I did think there was somewhere I knew that I really would like to capture on a photo. The National Museum of Scotland, specifically the part of it that used to be the Royal Museum.  I took photos from the fifth* floor, then took some of my favourite exhibit for today, the wonderful Inchkeith lighthouse lens, and have added a couple from Block Island of the still working Fresnel lens of the South East Lighthouse there.

I love the lenses, the physics, the construction, the engineering, all the work which went in to creating these lights.

I also think this is one of the most beautiful buildings I know, and that those who plan its layout and exhibitions have made a link to the world for everyone who comes in.

* Fifth floor! The fifth floor used to be second! (This is in UK where we count ground, first, second.) So how did it get to be fifth? Possibly this is in deference to the new part of the museum which was built alongside the Royal museum some years ago. The now not very new extension has more levels. Then last year the Royal part was completely refurbished, rather wonderfully.  The refurbishment opened up the basement on to the street so it is now ‘ground’, and left the interior with its soaring galleries full of light, so the top level is the fifth level which can be wandered around looking, exploring, learning.


5 thoughts on “Looking – and lighting

  1. Elspeth, as an engineer, I am constantly fascinated by anything physical, mechanical or electrical. One day I might get to see this museum! Thank you for the pictures and descriptions.


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