Cornwall – 1

Is it really nearly three weeks since I posted anything?
Or, is it just that I got muddled up posting on the phone app (being techy again away from the sofa desk) and deleted all sorts of things by mistake?

I have now been in Cornwall for a week. My hosts are wonderful. So is the weather. Their garden is glorious.

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I have cleaned out one of the ponds.

The others have dried up.

There is a lot of sitting about, reading, resting, contemplating.

Thinking I must write a post about the news – Malala, the Health Service, the state of the world –

maybe tomorrow will do.

Thanks K and D for this place, this space.


15 thoughts on “Cornwall – 1

  1. Problems of the world are endless, they’re not going anywhere. Why not just live in the summer glory. Live first, write later. Post whenever. I guess that is what am doing.


        1. Lets hope you get this sort of weather too – though everyone is starting to worry about the gardens and the water levels as they always do. But even when it is raining Cornwall is full of delightful places, enjoy your trip


    1. I am thinking you might be in Donegal which is pretty unbeatable in good weather – if you are not still at John Hewitt – wherever I hope you relax too – looking forward to catching up with what you post next


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