Cornwall – 2 – The quarry

The last time I was in Cornwall, I went on a geology walk to Trebarwith Beach, looking at rocks with the excellent John Clutterbuck. On Wednesday he arrived to take us to a local farm, where the farmer, Phil, had agreed to show us the Quarry on his land. Unlike the previous walk, or most other geology events I have been on, we were not going to look at what was there, but instead were hunting for a specific rock John had heard of in various papers, “The West Petherwin Conglomerate”. Where could it be found? Maybe in this quarry? It had long ago been abandoned, and is now overgrown, surrounded by wire fence, deep water  with trees and thick undergrowth all around.

Well we didn’t find the rock (lots of limestone), but I don’t think that mattered much to any of us except maybe John.

The photos probably do not do justice to this place. Remember the weather we are in… Sun, clear skies, more sun, light striking through trees and bushes which maybe have not seen such light often before.

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An amazing day. I did go down to the quarry pond edge – was told it was about 70 feet deep. Then when hunting for the elusive rock around the far side, I went with John and Phil through the wire fence. John was leaping ahead – I saw Phil hesitate, wonder if he should be with this geologist who was oblivious to the terrain, or with this other person he had just met, plainly not youthful, wearing crocs, slipsliding across the spring and the little burn tumbling down the steep hillside under the trees. I saw the next stretch was a sea of nettles and brambles and said – enough – don’t worry about me I’ll make my way back up to civilization. And I did.



4 thoughts on “Cornwall – 2 – The quarry

  1. A quarry seems the right place to hunt when one’s quarry is a rock! 🙂
    In spite of the light, a bit eerie, isn’t it?
    Being that deep, it would be wonderful for kids (overgrown or otherwise) to jump into from a height!


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