Cornwall – 3 – Kit Hill

Walking on Kit Hill.

Surprised there are hardly any people anywhere to be seen. ? They are all on the beaches? English kids are still in school?

At first sight, look at the view, across to Kelly Bray, all around. The ground looks sun-baked and pretty bare. Of course it is not. I found the closer look at the grasses and the wild-flowers beautiful and all along the walk the evidence of people of the past. This place, like much of Cornwall has been mined. Once it was teeming with people.  There were many deep round hollows (some wired off, some not) where the ground had sunk to the mine below, now filled with green growth, contrast to the brown hill. Click for bigger pictures.

Lots of cool walks

I am missing the beaches, K tells me lots in Cornwall are now dog-free zones, so they seldom go in the summer time.

I do understand that – there are other places to go for dog and us.


9 thoughts on “Cornwall – 3 – Kit Hill

  1. Looked like a ‘peachy’ day to wander a hill. The sight out and downward towards Kelly Bray is that which makes one feel small yet alive. Kelly is my nickname; in my imagination I have staked claim to Kelly Green, Kelly Hill would make a nice addition.

    The stone chimney and stone marker pictures remind me that Canada is but a mere infant sibling in comparison when it comes to history.


    1. Hi Kelly nice to know another name for you – history is everywhere – just some places the signs are more obvious – there is another place near here (Tregogo) where the ‘rings’ are showing up in the dry weather – they show the track of some sort of occupation thousands of years ago –


  2. This weekend the kids are free from school, so expect a population explosion, Elspeth.
    This morning at about 7am, my daughter and family set off for Cornwall. They should be there now.
    Have a great time. Cornwall is a good place for dogs!


    1. We keep saying ah ha – time for the weather to break – school is out – but so far so good. I hope the family get here safely and without too much traffic hassle


  3. I lived in Cornwall during a winter that saw thick mists so I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face, blizzards that piled drifts against the ‘hedges’ taller than me and hid the donkeys that lived in the farm – till they moved 🙂 This is a lovely sunny version of Cornwall 🙂


  4. It is a pity that the irresponsible few who do not clear up or keep dogs under control have probably caused the ban on dogs – I always thought the English were enlightened on the subject.
    The scenes to look more scorched than one would expect for Mud Island.


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