Getting there

WordPress just told me that I have a second anniversary today – of my joining their blogosphere, sorry, blogging community. Goodness. The two sentences above are reblogged, my first ever post. Not very earthshaking but becoming a blogger has in fact been me-shaking. A huge plus in my life – so thanks WordPress and all of you who read and are read in a little bit of nearly every day.

My World, Your World, One World

I thought I would just begin writing, then choose colors and themes and all that, but I forgot I was in Shanghai – so had to find out more about Internet here than I really wanted to know. See you again soon

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9 thoughts on “Getting there

    1. Trouble with becoming aware of anniversaries and birthdays and all such – also suggests I should keep going/ keep up – so I find my contrary side emerging yet again. What that has to do with replying to your good wish I have no idea, just me, I’ll get another post written sometime when I feel like it…


      1. perhaps, ‘I’ slash we, missed the intent of the post, but I’ll gladly be the good soldier an take the brunt of it in this comment -contrary or otherwise.

        “I’ll get another post written sometime when I feel like it”….now that’s the spirit goes to independence, doesn’t it? Blogographies, the blogosphere should never be a treadmill, it should get you off the bloody treadmill.

        Seize the day, the moment wherever you are. salut


        1. More the difference between yesterday mood and that of today than you missing the intent.. perhaps. Nicest thing about now is seeing those old treadmills almost like old friends – can jump on or off as I please. Know your spirit is one of those discovered and welcomed.


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