In praise of the BLOG

Gasconade – the dictionary says the word means extravagant boasting, boastful talk or bluster.

Why/how did Sidey choose that word for a weekend theme? I am really late responding to it first because I have not been writing much, second because I didn’t know what it meant and it sounded like a fizzy drink, third … to be honest I keep wanting to write about important stuff and its too hard to do it. Stuff about the wrongness in the world, how it seems to me to be linked to the wrongness in thinking, the not seeing ideology, or dogma etc. Then all you perceptive people will see why I can’t write – it doesn’t help much if I am only saying listen to my dogma, its better than yours.

I gasconade.

Not very nice.

I reblogged my first ever post yesterday, and reminded myself that this particular beautiful bloggy being set out to blog almost precisely because I didn’t want to be apparently endlessly talking about myself (here she goes again!). I wanted my friends and family to see a bit of my life, which had become sort of varied and even a bit adventurous, but wanted that to be about keeping in touch when I was far away and missed them. Then, I thought fantasised imagined when I emailed/phoned/skyped/even wrote a postcard it could be in dialogue with the person I was with – a bit of both of us, not just a recitation of events about me.

Most of those people I had originally had in mind hardly ever look at my blog. Or they catch up now and again. they do not FOLLOW, they probably don’t even know what follow means in blog terms. They do not have blogs of their own. But, I discovered FOLLOW and being FOLLOWED. And I discovered other people had blogs. Not “gasconades”. Gasconade does not seem to have an antonym in the dictionary I consulted.

Maybe the antonym should be BLOG.

Having time to talk with others who engage, tell stories, show pictures, write poems, share humour and love and grief and belief. Whatever it is, it is rich. Thankyou to all who take the time to share.

I want all my friends and family to know how opposite to gasconading blogging is, so if any of them catch up here, this is a suggestion.

Take yourself over – click this link – to Sidey and the list of comments on this theme. There are lots of other links – you could just try these instead. On the subject of gasconade, you will find:

Nancy writing as a fly on the wall

Colonialist writing poetry which would have made Mac Gonigal proud

Kate on new towns and history (if you have any interest in place and history, you really should follow Kate)

Tom the satirist with a fizzy drink “product placement”

A view of education from More than a Cat not the best view but one which shows gasconade alive and well

Sidey herself on the fermented fizz

Tinman on a famous french family “the Gasconades”. I cannot for the life of me describe Tinman – you need to just read and if you are like me before you are halfway through any of his blog posts you will be giggling sniggering laughing smiling or all of these.

And all my friends out there – discovered through various follows and followings.

Aren’t we a lucky lot? We have met through blogging, I like it.

11 thoughts on “In praise of the BLOG

  1. We are lucky indeed, Elspeth. Thank you for this lovely post and recommendation! All the best with writing about the important stuff. Whenever I try it – and I do – it always turns into an acerbic rant. Hrumph.


    1. I know you try – also you show us a great deal of the wonder – from the tales of Macauley and his family to the ancients who have left their traces on the landscape for us to see


  2. I quite agree, Elspeth:

    “Blogging is a great way “to talk with others who engage, tell stories, show pictures, write poems, share humour and love and grief and belief. Whatever it is, it is rich.”

    Thank YOU for taking the time to share.


    1. i think I am actually having a little rant at folk who think the internet is somehow downgrading human contact. To me it is no different from any other kind of contact – some abuse or misuse – but fortunately lots of us find ways to help and encourage and delight each other.


    1. That is probably right – it allows a kind of expression a bit different from other ways. i find it can open thoughts to quite unexpected perspectives – just look what everyone did with your ‘gasconade’!


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