Small pleasures – we need them

This has been a week of small pleasures at the same time as rather bigger things happen elsewhere. (Photos from the Belfast Botanic Garden walks and rose garden.) Is it just indulgent to enjoy small pleasures? The news this morning is again of Syria and war. But, this time, almost unbelievably, UK parliament has voted … More Small pleasures – we need them


What a good goodbye. I met Neill at the Canonmills clock – halfway between his and mine – and we went for a stroll . There was haar creeping along as the evening began and the river had splashes of bright colour where some poppies and a sunflower had found their way to bloom. Then … More Farewell

More Days on Orkney

Other Orkney posts are here and here. More days on Orkney – the first few days of August now seem long ago. Click for bigger pictures. Places/stuff I learned something about – to learn more about: and lots more from

Orkney at last

For more years than I like to remember I have been intending to visit Orkney … sometime.   It has happened!   There for a week, feels like a month, been back in Edinburgh for a week but still processing the trip. I will get around to some posts – but first – it sounds … More Orkney at last