Orkney at last

For more years than I like to remember I have been intending to visit Orkney … sometime.

Orkney (incl. major tourist attractions); ferr...
Orkney (incl. major tourist attractions); ferries included to actual date: 08/2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It has happened!


There for a week, feels like a month, been back in Edinburgh for a week but still processing the trip.

I will get around to some posts – but first – it sounds crazy but I didn’t know about how many islands there are. I had pictures of sea and a ferry boat – but there are lots of ferries, to islands, between islands, back to Scotland, etc.

This is quite a good map that I found by accident because the language on it is not English – and Orkney’s ancient history is Norse.

There is a lot of history, a lot of scenery, and for me, a lot of story and friendship. I went with my friend Sheila, whose sister has lived on Orkney with her husband and family for more than thirty years. As is the way with long-standing friendships, I also know Bill and Susan and their five children who and now six grandchildren.

So the Orkney stories have local and family and friendship history too.

IMG_3260 This is Ella – part of the trip planning included bringing her home to Kirkwall after her eventful jaunt to Glasgow to be in a ballet performance.

New career move – I could hire out as rent-a-granny – it was fun. Thanks Ella.

This is some of the landscape.


all too beautiful

living by the sea




6 thoughts on “Orkney at last

    1. I hope I can live up to that – there is so much going on I am not at the computer much – got to be good I suppose – but I like to keep a record for myself as well as all of you great bloggy buddies


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