A visit to Orkney – 1

When is a week not a week? Answer, on a visit to Orkney when it feels like a month.

Sunday train to Aberdeen, 5 hour boat journey to Kirkwall (the main town of Orkney’s “Mainland” island).

Arrived midnight, met by Ella’s Mum, few minutes to their home, off to bed but not before being welcomed in the best possible ways including quick demo of where everything was in the kitchen – just help yourself when you wake up! Let the photos speak for Monday and Tuesday – click for bigger pictures.

The bus to Burray was a short ride and then a walk to L and T’s home for lunch and see the boys and dog Archie. This family used to live along the road from me in Edinburgh before they moved to Orkney six years ago. We spent the afternoon on Hoxa Head, in glorious weather, and in the evening played cricket out on the field by the house. Archie, a black labrador, is an unbelievably fast ball catching fielder.

Only ONE day so far!!


3 thoughts on “A visit to Orkney – 1

    1. It was especially ‘different’ being shown round the cathedral by 5 and 7 year old girls – who considered it theirs – “you might like to see the man lying down”, He was on top of a tomb … etc… they knew it all

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