Nothing Much can be quite a lot

Sidey suggests “Nothing Much” as a theme.

Edinburgh is full of people – the festivals are happening.  I went to the Botanic Gardens on the bicycle and after dodging the multitudes of people who seemed to think it was OK to just step off the pavement arrived safely but stressed.

How to cheer up?

Nothing much

Just a burst of colour. All cheerful again.

Montbretia at the Botanic Gardens

Next day I took the bus – down to Silverknowes and walked to Cramond

Silverknowes – walking along the Forth towards Cramond

Walk along the river and another bus back to town. No crowds except the usual kids on scooters, parents and grandparents.

Sailing boats where the Almond river meets the Forth

Is it NOTHING MUCH to go for a bike ride and then next day a bus ride?

The festival is wonderful. The beauty surrounding this city is too easy to take for granted.

I think maybe everything is something.

Have a nice day …


7 thoughts on “Nothing Much can be quite a lot

    1. I am not very good at identifying plants – they could well be the same, or I could even be calling mine the wrong name. You have some wonderful blooms. A wonderful country (except for its grim history).


    1. I have been a cyclist all my life in cities and countryside. I am now a sit up and trundle along carefully watching cyclist. I have to say that these pedestrians seem to think they can step back to take a photo of their friends outside the JK Rowling wrote here cafe etc. and not only me and my bike but cars and buses will go round them. JK is not the only fantasist in Edinburgh. My feeling is more murderous than suicidal.


  1. Vie peut être belle -living can be beautiful, There is a sense of being tribal when one (me) is out an about -your right everything is something. Which I think goes to as you once said, ‘there is somebody down in the village fetching the water and stirring the stew’ in some way, somehow. The last time I was in Cuba, while sitting in a bus speeding along a country road, I seen a man who had awaken an walked out of his humble home to stand in a field of goats to look at the morning sun come over the hills as he brushed his teeth. What was going through his mind I thought as I whizzed by. NOT Much I suspect, he was just happy in the moment. So I understand why you snapped and shared these images. You are so right when you say ‘everything is something’.


    1. I do like your comments – you understand what I am trying to convey. I like the thought of brushing teeth outdoors watching the sun arrive. What a great moment, a start to someone’s day.


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