Can ‘goodbye’ be carefree?

Response to this weeks WordPress Photo Challenge “Carefree”

At first I just thought Ha Ha that has to be a non-starter, not since childhood have I been carefree, though I am frequently relaxed and content. I like life and what is there to be observed, and that goes right alongside caring about lots of what I see. And this week … it is a ‘goodbye week’ so can I possibly even think “carefree”?

I know I planned it, booked tickets and planes etc. But still it seems I have arrived at the week of goodbyes quite unprepared for how it will be. Maybe I will post more of the “Goodbye to Edinburgh and friends” later and maybe not.

On Friday I am off to Ireland, for a couple of weeks to see my sisters and other family and friends there (mainly Holywood and Donegal) and will travel on from Belfast back to USA in early September. And no doubt will have fun wandering around Belfast or the Causeway or somewhere. [Nostalgia rules on visits to Northern Ireland]

Nevertheless, I found a photo from just two weeks ago, taken in a pretty carefree walk along a beach on Sanday, Orkney, while a couple of seals swam closer to observe us walking by their seaside. As the phone hasn’t got a chance of taking a photo of a seal – this was taken just by turning round.

Think “seal”. Think “Carefree”. Well. Maybe. Simple, beautiful, joyous … definitely.


Writing is GOOD

Now I am thinking Hello friends in Ireland, see you soon, and Hi there Block Island, won’t be long…


8 thoughts on “Can ‘goodbye’ be carefree?

    1. My luggage is never more than carry-on, but my baggage is enormous so I am either weighted down by cares or utterly delighted to have so much stuff, mostly the latter, gratitude rules and fun follows. Thanks for the good wishes.


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