What a good goodbye.

I met Neill at the Canonmills clock – halfway between his and mine – and we went for a stroll . There was haar creeping along as the evening began and the river had splashes of bright colour where some poppies and a sunflower had found their way to bloom. Then we ate at “Earthy” – definitely recommended. We talked, particularly about Edinburgh and how both history and nature keep slip-sliding in among the urban hustle and bustle (as it does all over the world). After dinner – a longer walk through the old Cemetery and under the road via the disused railway to George V Park. Except it is not called that here – Neill says it is just Scotland Yard. Back to urban bustle and bus-stops which were always just a step away.

I can’t write about the talk. But everyone knows how it feels to be content and listening to ideas flow. Thanks Neill for a good goodbye (for a while). Fare ye well.

Farewell Edinburgh.


4 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. Strolls do soothe restlessness; while at the same time feeding our drive to be on the go. Funny how everything becomes interconnected -old, new, conversations (speaking freely), creeping haar to misty-eyed-moons. Then I think, everything has a name over there, it all has been marked, a hill is never just a hill -hard to get lost, hard to escape, yet taggers tag walls to leave a trace of where they are and where they’ve been -kinda ironic, yet kinda musing. ………if only all strolls and good byes ended in Fare ye well. I take it your off to the next hello.

    Oh -oh how I like tunnels, they have purpose; something we to often lose sight of. They offer mystery and intrigue, but they always get you safely to the other side.


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