Return to Block Island

It is September – and children everywhere have returned to school. I have returned to Block Island after an eventful summer. Last week’s event here was that Finlay (used to be just Finn) jumped out of the truck to chase a cat and got hit by a car. Broken leg, recovering, but everyone was of course pretty upset.

Finlay, tranquillized so he will keep still while his leg mends
Finlay, tranquillized so he will keep still while his leg mends

The rest of the family are well, and it is very good to be back, and getting the hellos and welcomes which are part of this island and its tight knit community. I really have become a traveler though I do not feel I am a tourist – just someone who has been fortunate to have reason to go to different places, and is able to do so. Block Island is recovering from the traffic and stresses of the summer season. The weather, at least this weekend, has been sunny and clear, but not desperately hot. Just right for me! This afternoon I walked with my friend J all along the beach. Afterwards I went down to the Surf and went swimming – the tide was far out by then so it was walk and then swim. I think I will sleep tonight.

Crescent Beach - from Mansion end looking towards Old Harbor
Crescent Beach – from Mansion end looking towards Old Harbor

12 thoughts on “Return to Block Island

    1. I got to stroke his beautiful head all the way from train-station to ferry and then on the ferry. He had to get his cast checked on the mainland and even though the travel is difficult has to be kept as quiet as possible. Not easy for one year-old dog. He is still a pup at heart, even though he is at his full size. Pathetic is better than bouncy at the moment!


  1. Don’t know you well enough, though it seems this summer you have been the vagabond. Or maybe you have been the Wanderer all your life.

    Boys will be boys, dogs not much different. Having been through similar incidents as Finn’s with the one before Elvira, that was first thing I taught her when she came to live here -was not to chase Cats, unless permission is given -you have to let dogs be dogs but you want them to be safe.


    1. Work used to keep me more or less in the same place for years at a time. The last ten years I have been a traveling granny, or at least that’s the excuse others find understandable. The chinese lot keep moving, Guangzhou, New Zealand, Shanghai, back to New Zealand. Timing has worked out with semi, then complete retirement. Wherever – I don’t seem to alight and move on, I start attachments, get to know details, do stuff locally, then keep in touch. This was a good summer in UK. There is a lot on offer everywhere.


    1. It feels a bit strange – I’m always struck by how much I (most of us) value routines and slip into them. Then they change. The fridge is in the wrong place, the milk carton isn’t as expected in my hand, morning coffee … I seem to be awake before I get it…


    1. He has to stay in his cage so he doesn’t decide to jump somewhere and cause more damage. Last night I was girl-sitting and of course dog-sitting is included. Girls were wonderful – Finn ?? – enough said. Hope he is mended soon.


  2. Poor Finn. That looks awkward. He’ll need help with exercising. Hope there was no open wound behind that plaster. It’s amazing how adaptable animals can be. Recently saw a film with an elephant who’s got used to having an artificial leg.


    1. He seems to be OK – though is having to keep still and not jump about. I think all of us (animals) are far more adaptable than we can imagine, we just do what is necessary if we have to.


  3. dear eppy had eighteen holes of golf yesterday and then in evening went with field club on q an excellent guided tour of belfast city hall. guide asaked us what was difference between bristol and belfast and i answered no slave trade. love to you all and finlay. voni


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