Circles in my mind

English: A set of four overlapping circles.

Sidey suggested “Circle”. All this week I have wanted to write, and failed to write, and can’t think of why or what, so this afternoon, just before the end of the week and a new theme, I will let the ‘circle’ draw me where it will.

Circle of family

Circle of friends

Circle of influence

Family: Those who have followed my blog for a while will know that my most immediate family (sisters, sons, daughters-in-law, grandsons and granddaughters) live on four continents. Europe, America, Asia and I can never remember what continent New Zealand counts as belonging to – is it Australasia? Whole world circle there. I have been traveling. I will travel again soon. Not too surprised I am unsettled for a while and miss those I have just left behind very much.

Friends: More another Venn Diagram than a circle – I have found them everywhere, most recently through travel to different places physically and then through travel to different minds through blogging. So many many kinds of friendship, the last few weeks end August beginning September holding both the reunion kind from 50 years ago to the modern kind virtual made real.

Influence: I know that I want to write something that will influence e.g. a letter to Ed Milliband (UK’s opposition leader) to tell him to tell us what LABOUR means as most of us want work to “work” and most of us know well that the “get rich without producing something, or doing something for someone” is not OK in this wide wide world we now live in. (How on earth can anyone feel entitled to receive millions for what they do? How can others who receive almost nothing be called ‘the scroungers’?) We don’t want the “austerity” which just seems the other side of the coin of greed. I (?we?) don’t want the politicians who seem unable to think about real people and only think in ideology. And then there is Syria and all those other places where despair and destruction seem to be having a grand time. Do avaaz and etc really influence? even though I hope so as I click.

In the midst of this week’s inability to say anything I have had two pieces of writing sent to me, one from a friend, and one from someone in the family. They come from different hearts, different places, different topics, whatever ‘topic’ means, both are reflective, deep in belief and thought and willingness to understand, full of feeling. A belief in the world. You two who sent them, you know who you are. Thank you.

There is also a circle for listening, and who knows what will be received.

Now, about to finish this post, I heard the ‘ping’ of a new email, found Speccy’s most recent blog where she has posted a poem by James Byrne: Recovery. Go over there to read. Its first two lines are:

Let me imagine you coming home
from the dark, between body and mind

I will do more of my own writing later maybe, for now, this is a good place to be.

My family and my friends are close to this home.

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