Time to Tango

photo taken from http://www.dance-manhattan.com/instructors/willie_feuer
photo taken from http://www.dance-manhattan.com/instructors/willie_feuer

This is Block Island. It is small – 3 miles by 7 for those who don’t know.

Lots of things happen, and everyone shares what they do with everyone else.

These two are our very own tango masters and they have been offering tango classes (free) to all comers  so of course many of us take up the opportunity.

This afternoon is a joint effort with the Narragansett tango dancers who are coming out for the day. Yesterday I went to rehearsal to see if I could still dance, never mind tango.

It seems that I can.

So I don’t have time for much posting I am off to brush up my steps and decide what to wear. Will beach dress posh up enough? I don’t have high heels any more and crocs are not recommended.

Something will be found.

I believe synchronicity works, something will turn up.

Sidey’s theme for this weekend is dancing.

I am off to the dance, take time to tango.


9 thoughts on “Time to Tango

    1. Someone took pictures, not me, I was too busy trying to master the “turn” which has quite a tendency to tangle the feet, but I got it! Look out for more, I hope there will be more.


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