Lines, patterns, beauty

I couldn’t resist trying this week’s photo challenge “From Lines to Patterns“. Of course there are too many to choose.

But I hope you like them – click for bigger photos.


17 thoughts on “Lines, patterns, beauty

    1. Thanks – I wanted to show both natural and man-made patterns. I think the challenge was a ‘natural’ for hijacking for World Animal Day – the beauty and repetitiveness in animal or bird markings is everywhere one looks, so well done you.


  1. Duck duck, Goose goose, those intricate patterns in feathers remind me ‘much’ of an elaborate childs’ play -endless combinations, over and over for no reason than the end result being shear pleasure.

    Image img_3461.jpg the last one; oh how I would have loved to been there an shot it with something other than an phone camera (don’t take that in the wrong way). The possibility of endless depth of meaning is astounding. And in someways goes to ‘passages of understanding’. Perhaps on the other side lays the answer to ‘the one in the village stirring the stew’; if not the answer then perhaps another clue….if you think about it. Riddles and clues often that is all life comes down to.


    1. I realise I am not so much interested in the photo itself (phone camera sometimes OK sometimes obviously less capable) as in its capacity to grab something of a moment I will remember so much more of by association to the memory of when I was there. Sometimes a photo like the tunnel, will create associations for others too and more general depths of meanings. Layer upon layer. Lines and patterns in our minds – played out in music too.

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    1. Yes – cyclists also – there is at least one more disused railway tunnel nearer my home on Edinburgh southside and I have often cycled through. Edinburgh is a people friendly city e.g. it is residential even in the city centre, quite unusual.


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