This world is amazing

This world is amazing. So are the things we (I mean me) can do.

Saturday – Block Island – football – they say soccer – tournament, Fiona is junior Block Island Hurricanes captain and she played a blinder, Rory who is too young for the team turned cartwheels and did handstands. (Ruby is on the team but limping so most of this day on the benches.)


Sunday – off on the first boat… on the way to New Zealand (it will take 36 hours to get where I am going)

boat …bus… train… arrive in Boston… first plane to Los Angeles

next plane … to Auckland… that is a long long way – it is Tuesday. Most of Monday is lost in the date line.

third plane… to Palmerston North… a beautiful morning with the central plain of North Island spread out below and fluffy clouds throwing shadows and the volcanoes snow covered.


Arrive – Cindy and the boys greet me. All that 36 hours becomes instantly utterly worth it!!

Half an hour after arriving and Cindy has to return to work, Louis is singing me a song. (Cindy has a new car, it is a BMW, work is good!)

Both are delighted with the Lego (thanks Sarah at Building Blocks – BI toyshop and good advice)


Ali is getting the superheroes all lined up. Louis has changed into his BI T-shirt.


Nai Nai and Ye Ye have taken Louis and ALi out swimming, so I can have a rest.

But I am too excited.

Bear with me.

I will swim tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “This world is amazing

    1. Bewildered is the right word. My three sons live on three different continents – and because the one who is married to a chinese wife lives chinese style with him in China and her in NZ – that makes 4 places to visit – and I have to say a fifth place which represents what I do for my life. So far I am keeping options open and bewilderment is a small price to pay for the rewards. I do appreciate the way so many of my blogging friends listen and comment – thank you so much.


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