Roses and more roses

My last week in Palmerston North – full of goodbye and do come again as soon as you can. It seems fitting in some way to have spent part of  goodbye morning with Julie in The Dugald MacKenzie Rose Garden the pride of the city of Palmerston North located in the Victoria Esplanade – which … More Roses and more roses

meet the gardener

Life continues very full indeed here in Palmerston North. Yesterday, Tuesday, Julie took me to visit her long-time friend Robyn who lives just outside town on a farm called Lansdale. I had met her the last time I was here three years ago and been very impressed by the grounds which she had turned into … More meet the gardener

it’s all go here

This blog is my Diary. I can’t keep up as it is all go here. Since I arrived in Palmerston North less than a week ago I have revisited Victoria Park, been swimming at the Lido, got out my NZ bicycle, done “magnificent mummy making” at Te Manawa (the museum of art science and culture), … More it’s all go here