it’s all go here

This blog is my Diary. I can’t keep up as it is all go here. Since I arrived in Palmerston North less than a week ago I have revisited Victoria Park, been swimming at the Lido, got out my NZ bicycle, done “magnificent mummy making” at Te Manawa (the museum of art science and culture), created umpteen Lego thingys, read Spiderman and Tin Tin,  etc etc and I have been dreaming in Chinese. How incredible is that last one?

You will realise that being in Palmy means being with my twin grandsons, age 6, and this is the chinese branch of the family. Besides Louis and Ali, the other members of the household at the moment are Cindy (that is Xin Yan, their mother) her parents, Bo the lodger. My son is still in China. I am sleeping over at my friend Julie’s house and I am so very grateful to her. So far it is all good and all go.

At the weekend, Cindy organised a ‘little holiday’ and we went to Taupo. This is the town at the tip of the huge lake Taupo surrounded by volcanic mountains and hot springs. We had a three hour drive through some of the most wonderful scenery there can be on this planet, lots of stops on the way for coffee and driver change and boys moving around, and always, taking photos. I will put in a plug for the great motel we stayed in – the Chelmsford – so friendly staff and just what we needed with the hot plunge pools and all that which are part of Taupo.


9 thoughts on “it’s all go here

  1. You do go, don’t you. Thoroughly enjoyed the images. People laughing and smiling, kids playing and being kids; what one likes to see -happy folks.


    1. We are having some good times. It isn’t always easy as there are huge cultural differences but what is the same for me and my chinese family is that we both offer trying to understand and willingness to put up with whatever comes i.e. no blame – then as you can see – happy kids who are delighting their granny. Thanks for commenting it is encouraging.


    1. I made up my mind when I retired – I wanted my families to know their granny and they lived abroad – so as they probably couldn’t afford the travel, nor indeed the time as my sons and daughters-in-law work – it was down to me to work out ways to go there… then wow, I am rewarded in so many ways as well as the current fun cuddles etc. from these great wee boys. Just have to take a deep breath and go… I get over the exhaustion bits somehow.


    1. Every time I get mad at the way my family split and then took themselves off around the world… I realise they settled in the most wonderful places and I am so lucky to get to them all. Everything that happens is an opportunity. I always think you know this too.


    1. just had to do something with the photos – and now a brief few minutes to squeeze in replies. I am looking forward to when the boys are back in scholl after the holiday and there will be time for browsing everyone else’s posts. See you soon


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