Beaches, birds, bicycle

People sometimes ask: What on earth can you do on Block Island in fall and winter? 1. New activity – beach profiling. After hurricane Sandy last year every dune and beach around was changed, and it was hard to remember what the beach had actually been like before. Now, at selected spots, some of us … More Beaches, birds, bicycle

A mirage

Yesterday was cold and clear, wonderful for a beach walk. But what am I seeing? This is the Block Island Ferry but it is NOT in the right place It is coming in head-on ??? It will hit the rock with the seagull! [And I have not photo-shopped, just used the highest magnification the i-phone … More A mirage

Traveler’s tale and dubious philosophy

The previous post “Manawatu” was written at Palmerston North airport (first airport of this journey) on 31st October, New Zealand time. I have just discovered that apparently it did not publish which must have been because my flight was called and I happily closed the computer thinking it had gone to that great WordPress cloud/sky/whatever … More Traveler’s tale and dubious philosophy