Manawatu – and enjoying life

Last days in New Zealand at least for a while. After collecting the boys at school, we went to the river. The Manawatu river flows through Palmerston North, and there is a long bankside walk just at the end of Ruahine Street. Perfect for boys and bicycles.

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What else can I say?

I am leaving. I am writing this while on “freewifi” waiting for my first plane up to Auckland.

I did have a bit of insight though which might be useful. Lots of people, including me, have said that it is


this peripatetic lifestyle, seemingly always leaving, or maybe it is always arriving, or maybe it is always ‘just in the present’ wherever it might be. Well of course it is – it is my responsibility that I choose these journeys.

My insight this week was that actually – it is


Of course I am still responsible for how I have chosen to respond to being with my family who are scattered over four continents at the moment, and unlikely to be all at once in the same place (Maybe at my funeral? will they be able/bothered/still around themselves??)

But there is a lovely difference in how it feels, especially as it helps to remember that there has never been a free choice for anyone. We all make choices in the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

We do the best we can.

And I am enjoying it!

Julie had a good book which quoted

“Not what we have But what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.”

(Epicurus Greek philosopher, BC 341-270)


7 thoughts on “Manawatu – and enjoying life

  1. Here, here! This sounds like ‘pure’ you, which is an odd thing to say, considering I really don’t know you. More pieces to the puzzle, ‘of the person squatting by the fire stirring the stew’.

    Two quotes come to mind…… from a thinker the other a rock band, go figure.

    Michael Oakeshott, The Philosopher Ploughman……….”Almost overnight, a world of ungracious fact had melted into infinite possibility; we who belonged to no ‘leisured class’, had been freed for a moment from the curse of Adam, the burdensome distinction between work and play. What opened before us was not a road but a boundless sea; it was enough to stretch one’s sails to the wind. The distracting urgency of an immediate destination was absent, duty no longer oppressed, boredom and disappointment were words without meaning; death was unthinkable.”

    Rush, 2112, Closer to the Hear………..
    Philosophers and ploughmen
    Each must know his part
    To sow a new mentality
    Closer to the heart,


  2. philosopher or ploughman or grandmother and all the other parts played – thanks for both these quotes which do chime with me e.g. whatever work is, it can be play also, one and the same.


    1. I just have to resign myself to missing them – no matter where I am I am missing someone. Knowing they are happy well and developing in their life which is so totally different from my own childhood in some ways and so very like in others … the visit was well worth the effort. Thanks for your comments – it is good to have these connections bringing other people’s awareness to each other. How lucky we are!


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