Louis’ Skeleton Guy

Weekly Photo Challenge: eerie

Louis is six years old. He has been drawing in exquisite detail for years. What is most eerie? Eyes? tongue? fingers? the pelvis? Why is he wearing a hat?


This is not really a photo, just a snapshot of a drawing, an excuse for me to look at the Louis stuff on my computer as I am now missing being with him (and his brother Ali) very much.

This next photo was taken early on Tuesday morning. Why are the cars parked there?


12 thoughts on “Louis’ Skeleton Guy

  1. Eerie. Why? How about oddity? Both images question us, not the other way around as I see it.

    It is interesting how certain things strike as odd, eerie or questions our sensibilities. I read a post last night, in which the first sentence grabbed me in such a way. She had began with ‘The End.’ as her intro. That got me think, of the opening scene in Apocalypse Now, a film brimming with ‘eerie’. Coppola had started the film with the Doors , ‘This Is The End’ dubbed over a montage of vague images and noises. Eerie is definitely a trigger mechanism that gets the mind speculating an conjuring up all sorts of scenarios.

    Young Louis is certainly a budding Picasso -inner, outer and surrounding negative space all are part of the image and it’s energy. Capturing energy not an easy thing to do.


    1. an add-on to young Louis -part of the beauty and awe of his drawing, for me, is thinking of all those gears turning in his head as he draws. I know the learned of those great walls have all the fancy lingo to explain -put this is pure learning which children do a hundred thousand times a day. The relationship of children to adult is a puzzle to me – who is teaching who, what are we not seeing in developing mind -we focus on minding them, but they seem to offer up gold, to which we should be mining as well as minding.

      I like this post, for all the things it was and for all the things it wasn’t. That is the eerie part for me.


      1. The gears in the head/s are what draws me over and over again to people. I cant easily do the children-adult thing as there seems to be nothing chronological about it – there is taking in going on, then the “thinking”, whatever that means. The sadness is seeing that for many it is more stop and don’t go there, especially the chronological adults. Something about the relationship of responsibility duty and learning growing gets stuck


    2. Like that ‘capturing energy’ – that is indeed what he does in drawing after drawing. “eerie” was just an excuse for posting – I do not really know what it conjures up


    1. Like my blogging friend Hudson says, you can think of all those gears turning in his head as he draws. All the grandchildren [my own I know best, others I often see] offer delight in their own way every so often some like Louis really surprise me.


  2. He is fascinated by detail – I have another picture of how a ‘mummy’ gets made which includes the surgeon with knife taking the “brane” out of the dead body’s head. Maybe he will make horror movies.


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