Beaches, birds, bicycle

People sometimes ask: What on earth can you do on Block Island in fall and winter?

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1. New activity – beach profiling. After hurricane Sandy last year every dune and beach around was changed, and it was hard to remember what the beach had actually been like before.

Now, at selected spots, some of us are measuring the sand and dune heights along a line perpendicular to the sea, taking notes and photos of the sand, the pebbles and bigger cobbles, where the tideline is, the shape of sand, wave, wind and water at a particular time and place.

2. Old activity, an evening walk especially beautiful with a full moon, and especially enjoyable as I bump into Fiona and Ruby and their friends Julia and Marcus (he was in the water on his skim board). Matthias was there too, in the dunes somewhere, and his dog Sullivan, and Tracy, Mattias’ mum, with her camera.

3. Regular activity – the Crazy as a Coot Bird Walkshhawk – on an early morning along Snake Hole Road. Plenty of birds seen, but not photographed.

Ducks and gannets and gulls out on the water. Crows, juncos and whole flocks (or one flock lots of times?) of myrtle warblers. And one I had not seen before, a sharp-shinned hawk. (beautiful photos found here

4. Finally, have I told you all that during the summer my trusty old bike was “borrowed” and although returned was utterly trashed with gears slipping and sliding? It would cost more than the bike was worth to mend. I was using Fiona’s (thank you, thank-you), but knowing bikes of all sorts, and knowing what I wanted, I at last got around to all the research needed to buy online – this is Block Island, we buy nearly everything online. I decided on a granny-bike (a hybrid with a sit-up and beg seat, even a granny colour, aqua. I hope I will like it.) It arrived after a week, took me most of a day to put it together. Why did they not send the 6mm Allen key required with the d..n thing? Lucky I have a son, the guy with everything.


4 thoughts on “Beaches, birds, bicycle

  1. Nice bike. Did you have any possible suspects in mind regarding the ‘borrowing’?
    Beach profiling certainly seems novel as an activity! One needs a strong incentive. A hurricane will do.


    1. Oh yes – the old bike was ‘carefully’ stored in the garage under the property, and my helmet and lock were removed from the basket and placed neatly on the floor. So someone with access to the garage, so one of the summer workers from the store, so no point in following the trail, whichever one, long gone. I have no idea if beach profiling is a current fad or will be a valued long term asset to humans trying to survive global warming etc. Whatever, it gets me out of the house.

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