Thanksgiving week

This week has been Thanksgiving week. As I wrote last year I find this holiday one of the best – at least it is here – people enjoy getting together, show their best sides. Thanks again family and Meredith’s family.

Sunday – finished reading the Sun Kings – Stuart Clark’s history of the science of the sun – devoured it. Came to me from a friend and I have passed it along to another. Try it.

Monday – shopping in Island Bound bookstore and fell for another science/history, Soundings. By Hali Felt, it is subtitled “The Story of the Remarkable Woman Who Mapped the Ocean Floor” that is Marie Tharp, a nearly unknown name. It doesn’t read like the Sun Kings,  I want more geology, less glass ceiling, but at the same time I am fascinated – and again so incensed by the failure of those who (still) do not see this prejudice. So here are some rocks to enjoy. Friends plan to leave – or come – tomorrow – as the weather looks dodgy on Wednesday.

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Pumpkin pie with crust detail.
Pumpkin pie with crust detail. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tuesday – a pie-making day for the Friends of Block Island School, selling of same pays for school trips etc. Peapod is busy, last day of school before the break, music lessons etc.

– I didn’t bake or make, but Wendy did and I signed up for selling.

Wednesday – it rained and rained and the wind blew. Boats were cancelled. Selling pies at the BIG (Block Island Grocery) feels like I see nearly everyone.

ThursdayThanksgiving Day. Colder than last year, wind has dropped, an extra boat come in early.

It is much sadder than last year, thoughts going out to those who have had death in their family. Michelle’s mother died this morning – she was one of the everyone I talked to yesterday. Folk from our party took time to visit the McGinnes’ family/families (a few hundred yards along the road) having a Thanksgiving without Cliff who died so suddenly on Halloween. Our children invited his children to join them.

Block Island is a very small community, everything, joys and sadnesses, are very close.BIfromair

Friday: Block Island Conservancy Beach Walk, and evening celebration. Looking up astronomy, the sky is dark here, even though the hoped for comet has  not survived passing too close to the sun.

[AND – this wonderful astronomer on Earthsky who shares knowledge, is a woman. Thanks Deborah Byrd, and all the others who pushed that glass ceiling since Marie Tharp’s time. “Byrd believes in science as a force for good in the world and as a vital tool for the 21st century. Astrophysics, the night sky and imagining space travel remain among her most enduring lifelong passions.”]

Saturday: Poetry Readings from the Block Island Poetry Project.

The book “Beach Meets Ocean” was published this year to celebrate the ten years of the project since the first in April 2004. I was there – it was what began my poetry writing. Another cause for thanksgiving, for the pleasure I have had.

Go to BIPP and scroll down for how to buy this wonderful anthology.

A full week.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving week

  1. it was delightful to chat with you during the Beach walk last Friday! I do enjoy hearing a bit about Block Island from your interesting blo, while I am away. I always leave a piece of hy heart there. thank you


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