E-type politics

[When I was young, E-type was a great car, a Jaguar, a fast car.]

Now “e” is instant access. Google et al are saying they do not like surveillance. that’s one kind of internet political stuff. There are others. There are some are beginning to irritate me.

I found Avaaz some years ago and have liked their email campaigns.

Later I discovered 38 Degrees – similarly, mainly in UK

Then I began to sign up and send my email support for one thing and another, always trying to see what kind of support was being asked and who for – takes a bit of thinking sometimes.

Now – very little from Avaaz and 38 Degrees whom I still seem to like, but an inbox cluttered with more than petitions. USA politics, even the internet petition stuff, is dominated by DONATE. PLEDGE. Give your money, not to a cause or a charity, but to a political campaign, a senator or congress member, a group. Some of them I have never heard of, but obviously my email has been shared. I must have forgotten to click the box, or unclick.

Or Facebook shared for me. And – my “recent” there is now full of adverts, maybe one in three posts.

I have never minded adverts too much, I try to remember they often pay for stuff I want anyway.

I do mind this drip drip asking for money.

And I have deliberately not put any links in this post – just look them up yourself. [Cranky me]

Somehow, somebody, please can we world wide get the money out of politics?

Am I a dreamer? I believe in government, different levels of it. I want the ideas, the philosophy, the thought, the care … back in.


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