Reform Gun Laws – or – All Well That Ends Well

On Friday morning, the boat went off as usual for the hour long trip to the mainland. Friday is a “round-trip” day, unlike mid-week in winter, where there is a return boat in the evening also. On the boat from this island of just over 1000 residents, went the middle school basket ball team, and more than the usual Friday crowd off to appointments with dentists and doctors etc., swelled by pre-Christmas shoppers.

Block Island ferry – November day previous year

There was a storm expected on Saturday night. Apparently as the boat turned it was hit by an unexpected swell, or tide, or something, and the huge (and smelly) garbage truck in the hold slid across and partly overturned. So the boat tipped sideways.

And the crew did well.

Didn’t they just.

They asked everyone in the cabin to get up and go to the high side, and in a few minutes all was well again. (Except for the truck operator and the others who had to do what they could down there in the hold.) The kids traveled on and played their basketball. The shoppers shopped.

No news is told (except here) where the kids report that it was nothing much, not scary, just a  “huge sideways tip over for a couple of minutes”. But we are told (and glad to hear) that the Coastguard and  Interstate (the shipping company) have held an emergency meeting. The non-news event is being taken seriously.

So on Friday night and Saturday when it started to snow, we have 20 kids back on the island, out of our kindergarten to age 18 school which has just over 100 in total. And some of us are doing that stupid fantasy thing about imagining if the boat had gone right over. This community would not be well this Christmas.

And now I am both angry and crying because it is a whole year since the shooting at Sandy Hook where 26 died. And some total idiots in their stupid stupid selfish prejudices for a whole year have not allowed sane gun laws to be passed or enacted. (Let alone world wide laws re arms manufacture.)

I do not know where this post is heading except to say that for us here “All well that ends well” does not allow me to forget that for others the 14th December will never be a well day. I hope those families have strength and support every December.

I watched some of our kids last night snowballing. Happy, healthy, hilarious activity. What a joy!

Please everyone, keep posting, keep writing, keep saying. Like the boat crew, and company and coastguard, we have to keep our heads and act wisely. Some future tragedies could be prevented.

We do not need guns.

Look at the petitions list on the “Official White House Response” from last year, and feel utterly utterly shocked at many of the petitions – the response makes it clear – we have to change, and change others.


5 thoughts on “Reform Gun Laws – or – All Well That Ends Well

  1. That could have been such a major tragedy! So thankful it was averted.
    The gun issue is difficult, indeed. I agree fully with massively tightened access and eligibility – and blow the sacred ‘right to bear arms’. However, to ban them outright simply means that they end up enabling criminals to enforce their will with impunity. Prohibition and drugs give some indication of how these things work.


    1. I suspect we agree on quite a lot. I think drugs etc should be de-criminalised but licensed, sold to ‘consenting adults’ at least over 21 when brains have had some chance to develop. Prohibition and ‘war on’ simply makes criminals of the users rather than the suppliers… Better licensing of guns too… I think Australia managed a change for the better


      1. Yes on the licencing. Even a driving after drinking over the limit charge should be enough to have a gun licence revoked – it shows a propensity towards irresponsibility. Also, simply MASSIVE penalties for carrying an unlicenced firearm.


  2. Elspeth, wonderful post as usual. So relieved the crew managed the ship so well and everything was ok. I always think of Jonah, who campaigned as he was asked at Nineveh and then when the people repented, and nothing happened, he railed because his threats of what might happen seemed to him toothless. I think that was how the story went. But we have to give thanks when things go our way, and realise how powerful our efforts to change things can be.


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