Pretty good days

Brilliant Performances from all concerned
Brilliant Performances from all concerned


Just the usual run up to Christmas – cards and emails to send, people to remember, various up and down thoughts and feelings – is it all worth it? Oh yes, I just remembered the school concert was this week, and the 911 drama company Christmas play. That is the 11- 14 year-olds, and they rehearse in the fire barn so the name 911 was chosen.

Thank you Andre Boudreau for directing – and all the work and the thought you put in to making these performances happen. You show how much you know plays, and also you know these young people. They were really wonderful:

Fiona and Alcy in Christmas Belles, a standoff as middle-aged wannabe directors of their church celebration; Ruby and Jake middle-aged married unexpectedly expecting twins were rock solid in their rocky solid old marriage (how do they know these things? do not answer that question); Mary, Moira, Andre, Julia, Mathias, Jacques, and Michaela – fantastic and funny. Also the players in Away in the Manger, another choice of a funny play with a serious message.

Up and down weather here too – in the past week we have had snow, wind, sun, cold and warmth (relatively speaking). Some pretty good days and some not so good. On the bird walk last Tuesday we tried hard to spot the snowy owl who has been seen several times along Scotch Beach, but as one of us commented, any owl with any sense would be lying low somewhere sheltered.

The beaches have shown some very high high-tide marks, they are cobbled with stones, one rock now stands where it was not last week, the pavilion car park got flooded again as the wind blew a tide in through the beach access ways, the Corn Neck road has sand all over it (again). I expect there will be more change, but in the meantime the snowy owl and some ducks and gulls and walkers are out and about, in every kind of weather.

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Some pretty good days. Some not.

Christmas does stuff to thoughts, feelings, memories.

Good wishes to myself, and to those whose Christmas is also a bit cobbled. Enjoy what you can, be gentle.



11 thoughts on “Pretty good days

  1. Hi Elspeth, thanks for your ‘e’ card – good to hear from you. Getting geared up for Christmas here in Edinburgh ‘though the weather is not so variable or cold. Hope you all have a great Christmas & a really happy new year.
    Graeme xx


    1. I am lucky, naturally cheerful, but when I have a down day I am OK with it – it is just who I am for that day. So I hate it when Christmas seems to insist on cheerfulness, let alone pretends that there isn’t grief around as I/we do miss people sometimes. I know you understand this well. Warmest wishes to you also. xo


    1. We are having an encore performance today – such a treat to see the self-confidence and enjoyment as well as the show itself. The boulder seems happy just sitting there. Not saying where it came from.


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