After the storm – beginning?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning – excuse for some photos and thoughts.

Beginning, just because it happens to be early January 2014, is not really relevant to my way of thinking, any day will do for reflection on before and after, ending or beginning.

We happen to have had a high wind and snowstorm last night. I woke to this view from my window.

View through the window this morning
View through the window this morning – the snowflakes are frozen to the glass.

It is cold.

I have no milk.

Afternoon, walk to the store. Take photos on the way there, and back again. [click for bigger pictures]

Time for thinking. Why does fresh snow always make me feel like beginning?

Does a storm do that too? Weather storms – Yes, but the other kind, people storms, NO, even though some people claim they do herald a fresh start. It seems to me that people storms leave all sorts of flotsam, jetsam in their wake, and it is not nice, not freshly covered , pristine and white.

Why am I thinking this anyway – we have not had any people storms around lately – in fact we all seem to be getting on pretty well.

Whatever – it was a good walk. I just know that even though WordPress suggested some ‘beginning’ pictures, I am not in beginning mood at all, I feel in far more of a going-on-being state. Seems OK to me.

How do you feel? Let me know. (I can look up some of the “Beginning” posts.)

Hope you are OK too. Weather whatever storms are around.

20 thoughts on “After the storm – beginning?

  1. Am not sure why either, but your very much inline with my thoughts. Storms do cause us to think. Sometimes fanciful thoughts. Sometimes inward more reflective thoughts of directions taken and to be taken. Snow storms, do have that knack, especially after the fact, to give us a new layer to take in to heighten our sensibilities -naturally beauty comes in array of packages.

    A number years ago, while tent camping in the north, our tent was struck by lightning one night during one of the most intense lightning storms I had ever seen. I remember lying there an looking at the most delicious colours dancing wildly. yet organized, all over the floor of tent; at the same time experiencing severe unbearable pain and smelling the hair on my body burn. A terrifying experience yet there was an element of beauty to it. Odd?


    1. Glad you survived is my first thought in reply to that! But yes – there is something about the elements that just lets us know we are not so important and at the same time also lets us know we exist. Life, us OK
      I love it


  2. Fabulous first photo, Elspeth! Chilly carries its own beauty, doesn’t it? I arrive several days after your post and we have had a gorgeous clear day, with another forecast tomorrow. Given the state of the Thames in our area, it’s a very good thing!


    1. Now it is overcast, windy and rainy – the severe cold felt better – but I like all sorts of weather as it just is what it is. I have been looking at the incredible waves on your side of the ocean, Cornwall has had its share.


  3. The calm period after a storm always feels like a new beginning – we survived and have to re-organize, maybe the power is out, maybe a tree got blown down, maybe we are just relieved and enjoy the sparkling clean air that usually follows a storm…
    My own post on ‘beginnings’ is rather unexpected but struck quite a resonant note with lots of people:


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