Winter Walking

What does one do on Block Island in the winter? Quite a lot – e.g. some great environmental films from Ocean View Foundation – last week’s was “Chasing Ice

Joined in The Big Read – the Island Free Library and Tomaquag Museum

Getting ready to give a “talk” at the Library (my old favourite, Emotional Education)

Starting, if I can, a U3A on Block Island (that is University of the Third Age, none in USA yet)

Not much time for posting – but always time for walking the beaches – wintry, snow-covered, light and shade and sea and sky. I want to be writing too, will get there, in the meantime, enjoy the photos.

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10 thoughts on “Winter Walking

  1. Snow! it soothes me, though -30C makes me grumpy. Enjoy your walks. Walking beats yoga buns down. Eastern cultures have their zen mediation. Walking I think is the western version, though the practitioners of walking don’t tend to yammer on about it or convert the stationary.

    When I lived on the east coast, in Halifax, it was the intense March storms that battered the ‘rock’ is where you would find me, when I had the time.

    Heading for your ‘links’ now.


    1. I started out with U3A in Edinburgh and when I arrived in New Zealand for a long visit got so many friends through making contact there, I thought I would do the same here. There is something called elderhostel in USA but it tends to be connected to a university, more like extra mural education. And of course we are on an island – no handy university! So we are going to have a U3A!!


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