Dear March – Come in

The Scottish Poetry Library sent along a reminder – it is nearly March. Someone else needs a reminder – it was snowing again yesterday. I saw a hawk in flight soaring over the brush a few minutes ago. I have no idea what sort it was – medium size. I am at my son’s home, … More Dear March – Come in

Ice is Nice

This week the weather has gifted this island with variations on a theme of snow and slushy rain and cold bright sunshine. The result has been a myriad of shapes most of which are ephemeral. I would need much more knowledge of cameras and light exposure and such like to take the photos I imagine … More Ice is Nice

Winter Bird Walking

More winter walking – on Tuesday the Crazy as a Coot bird walkers met at Beach Avenue. For those who do not know, that was a judiciously chosen place which might just have less wind and less chill factor than many another locality. Would we see many birds – well yes – ducks, geese, more … More Winter Bird Walking