Winter Bird Walking

More winter walking – on Tuesday the Crazy as a Coot bird walkers met at Beach Avenue. For those who do not know, that was a judiciously chosen place which might just have less wind and less chill factor than many another locality. Would we see many birds – well yes – ducks, geese, more ducks, crows and gulls as always, and a few starlings and brave Carolina wrens (heard more of them and the robins, such a lot of noise for such little creatures). They never do show up much in the photos, but you can see Kim with the scope leading the way for the intrepid few who came out. People that is – there seem to be plenty of birds.

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All the ice is solid, attached glue-like to the tree trunks and twigs and every blade of grass. Underfoot is crunchy. Maggie and Kim were very happy to see several hooded mergansers, so was I once I learnt what we were looking at. The mallards were equally beautiful, except most of them were cleverly tucked in along the banks of the pond, looking like so many rocks.

Hooded Merganser Photo
© Christopher L. Wood Hooded Merganser Female brown, Male glorious white ‘hood’ which can be raised and lowered.

2 thoughts on “Winter Bird Walking

  1. The bird walkers are a wonderful mix of folk who know an incredible lot – Kim hears a brief trill and says – there’s a xxx – and then we see it and indeed it is a xxx. All the way down to those like me who love to watch the flights and floating – even when I can’t half see what I am looking at, and can’t remember the name of the xxx the next day.


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