Ice is Nice

This week the weather has gifted this island with variations on a theme of snow and slushy rain and cold bright sunshine. The result has been a myriad of shapes most of which are ephemeral. I would need much more knowledge of cameras and light exposure and such like to take the photos I imagine myself taking.

Here are some nice ice pictures, including a bit of Myself, from my phone camera (WordPress photo challenge this week is Selfie – show us yourself). You decide if I meant nice pictures (of ice), or pictures of “nice ice”. (Run your cursor over the pictures for captions, or click for bigger photos.)

22 thoughts on “Ice is Nice

    1. I am not into self-display though of course the whole of the blog does that in a different way. So you get to know me – sometimes reminds me of long ago pen-pals.


  1. I have to say I walk – shuffle – with great care. It is the scientist in me as well as the artist who loves the ice – I can see how the water flows and freezes to make these beautiful icicles. This morning they are nearly all gone!


  2. Good shtufffs, your ice pictures. Ice, changes and transforms the winter landscape to an ever evolving sculpture park.of the weird and wonderful. Hard to convey in a photograph, as the image we see one second changes in a heart beat due to a slight change of light or movement of head.It cocoons bits, reflects inward and outward, magnifying that which it entombed. In someways ice is nature’s ‘selfie’. It’s only way in which to depict invisible energy – a kind of carbon copy or imprint of wind and the elements. Much the same as ripples in the sand along the beach depicts the force of the waves -what remains behind as evidence even if the water is now calm and flat.


    1. I like what you say – those are the kinds of thoughts in my head too as I see the ice. The science, the fluctuating variables that made me look under the deck I could hardly walk across, and there they were, row upon row of drips captured for a brief moment. They are all gone today,


    1. The bike is parked indoors for now – walking is treacherous but hopefully controllable. I think the rule is go slow everywhere. I dream about summer again… hope it is nice where you are


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