Tongue hanging out

Literally “tongue hanging out” as in the photo of an unfortunate dead red-bellied woodpecker. Kim thought that it must have crashed itself into glass or some such accident, at any rate found frozen and as life extinct she brought it to the bird walk for “show and tell”.

Such beauty, the feathers, the markings, all of him

And that tongue – we could even see the pointed end with serrations along its edges – what a terrific instrument for getting into the tree bark as required.


The rest of the walk – cold, early morning beautiful Block Island.

Light on the sea, Mansion Beach
Light on the sea, Mansion Beach
snow and sand
snow and sand

Spring is on the way – we saw 21 different species, more than on any previous walk this year. For example, a hermit thrush sitting quite still on a branch, ?contemplating his next move?


3 thoughts on “Tongue hanging out

    1. I saw your barbet picture – I do not know that kind of bird. I don’t know much in fact and rely on Kim. our birdwalk leader. She will put the unfortunate redbellied woodpecker into her freezer and bring him out for some as yet undecided educational purpose. She is amazing – involves our local children and adults in all sorts of easy-going learning adventures of the natural world. A different kind of OK ending? [She is not sentimental in her education, more caring and practical.]


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